dang Xander thats a fancy pic!

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(I guess this is the best forum to suggest a category) Hi, I'm Edu. Casual 11-exit and 96-exit runner of SMW, and I'm here to suggest "Max Score". Starts from the beginning (I feel like that should be said, and not just pick a convenient level that lets you do it in 2 minutes wink wink), and ends when score reaches 9,999,990 points. What do you think? 🙂 [EDIT: a good run shouldn't take more than 20 minutes, and that's my initial estimate]

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Cool, I wonder whether the strat would end up being a varient of the 99 lives strat - using block duplication to get a koopa shell bouncing back and forth in YI2... that was the idea of choice for getting points on super mario bros deluxe on the gbc when I was kid anyway 🙂 (the shell bounces not the duping obv!)


Max Score has been done, WR is 19:59 by authorblues:
If there are enough runs of the category to warrant a leaderboard, it can be added.

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Hah, authorblues did exactly what I had in mind. It'd probably not be fun to beat the game after getting max score, so it being a partial category is nice.


I finished a run of it (Max Score in 24:26) 😛 Bad, but I did (P.S.: whoever came up with the "In the 6" category...I don't know what to say)

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Well since max score is similar to 99 lives and that's on there, I went ahead and added it.

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