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ACS and no ACS is a great splitting-up of the InThe6 category, but there is another distinction that could be made within no ACS. I'd like to suggest an orbless subcategory. This method not only is more accessible to the layplayer, but also spices up the meme-meter. Think about it - the humorous pointlessness of the category represented by the final softlock is only enhanced by there being more gameplay beforehand. Just a thought.


If you were to separate it into orb for In the 6, you'd have to do it with most other meme categories that allow it too. To be honest orb is not the hardest trick in the world if you sit down and practice, but even if you have trouble with it, you are still allowed to run without orb. I don't see the issue with the times being together. Speedrunning is all about whatever/however you want to play and run. Feel free to submit any valid time that you like. No one is forcing you to use a certain trick. You're allowed just play without it! 🙂


People run In The 6 with ORB mainly. If quite a few people did Glitchless In The 6 runs, then a separate category would be considered. The ACE and No ACE leaderboard distinction was due to the fact that ACE and No ACE runs are FUNDAMENTALLY different. Forgoing orb doesn't fundamentally change the category all that much, so I highly doubt a Glitchless variation will exist anytime soon.

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Making orbs is quite easy anyway. Just needs a little practice 😉


Are people still taking in the 6 seriously? I see new runs of it every week and I'm so confused lmao


It's the worst meme... but does that mean best meme?! ... It's basically an orb 11 run you can't pb on and don't wanna bother doing bowser I think that at least explains some of the runs. If NMG becomes a category we could have hundreds of in the 6 NMG backups, it might be 2nd most run category behind NMG 11!

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