W1 100%
W2 100%
W3 100%
these three have the same rules:
Beat every level in the world.
Time ends on <boss names> whistle.
W1 Lunar Dragon
W2 Lunar Dragon
W3 Lunar Dragon
Beat every level in the world with all dragon coins and moons.
Time ends on <boss names> whistle.

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Find enough people to do runs of these categories, then we'll consider making leaderboards for them.

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What about 1 yump, 4 categories, each one for each switch palace.


Again, I really doubt people would run them (technically you could yump any switch palace for 1 yump) cause the category was only a thing for a short time really


99 lives! Arrive in 99 lives in the shortest possible time


^ I'm with this guy. I already have a really good run to submit for it.


My W1 100% pb is 7:08 so it seems like a good catogerey


If you want w1 100% then we already have obroe% and that's close enough