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I was doing a few runs of 1 Yump and realized that there was a fun sort of hard mode branch that could spawn from it. I call it "1WJ2Y" (1 Wall Jump, 2 Yumps).

Essentially one would run the game in the exact same way as 1 Yump, but when they get to the switch palace, they have to toss the p-switch on top of the yellow switch, do a wall jump off the left wall, then double yump off the p-switch and yellow switch in sequence.

Would there be any interest in this category as an extra challenge?

Here's a video of a 1WJ2Y run that I recorded:

Edit: I stated in the video description that time would end on screen fade out, but realized it would make more sense for time to end on the frame the last switch is pressed to be consistent with the 1 Yump category.

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I would totally run this if I can practice my walljumps. I think this is a completely arbitrary category (which fits perfectly with this page) and I'd love to give it a try.

Possible other categories 2 yumps? P switch yump then Yellow switch yump?

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If you manage to get a couple people to do runs and want to submit their times, the mods might consider adding the category. But seeing as it is only an idea, it won't be added to the leaderboards as a category. Plus, there are over 50 categories now, and the mods aren't simply going to add a new category that has 0 runners attached to it.

GL on your endeavors tho!

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Oh, for sure. I just thought it up like 2 nights ago. It was something I thought was fun, and hoped maybe some others would as well. Even if it doesn't get added as a category. 🙂