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In this category you should try to "get rid of" any Yoshi as quickly as possible, for example you throw him into a hole in the void and then finish the level

(Because Kaizo Mario players hate Yoshi 😉 )

If you are interested, I have already tried it on Twitch with a time of 1: 04.21

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this would be so stupid that it would be good

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Xander479 why not? xD that's a speedrun that everyone can do xD

Rockertfire I see that as a compliment xD


people are saying this is stupid because its arbitary.
you know what else is arbitrary?
switch the yoshi
6 orbs
1 yump

if we can get 1 yump on the leaderboard then there is no reason we can't have a stupid category like kill yoshi on it.


It's less because it's arbitrary and more because the category is less than 1 level


yeah it would be way too short just do fast yoshi in yoshis island 2 and let him fall into a pit


the category i think is another piece of Sh*t

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