Where do you think the issue is? I retime at least 80% of the runs using dotsarecool's twitch and youtube plugin. If it is a top 5 time i put in more effort.


(i suppose you mean your world 1 time) In this case, I had skipped over the description. If i hadn't, it would be tempting to reject the run instead. You should retime your own runs. Check out Dotsarecool's plugin.

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And just as a final note, i retimed it and it was pretty much exactly what you had submitted it as.


Moderators are verifiers, not retimers. That being said, when a run is in the top 10 or so, it doesn't hurt to take the extra time to make sure the time is accurate within a few frames. For the most part, that sort of accuracy isn't necessary. You'd be surprised how accurate splitting manually can be (as long as you actually know the start/end points of the run).

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I sincerely apologize for assuming that


I am using this forum because I realized that the times of Panga and Dodai's run in 11 exit blindfolded are not accurate. They should respectively be 15:57 and 17:34. Would it be possible to change them?

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