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I can't record anything for it right now, but I found a new oob that skips the fight before you enter the courtyard. It's kind of hard to get first try, but if you get it first try you can most likely save 7-10 seconds. I tried it while messing it up (which is pretty slow tbh) and I still saved 3 seconds over fighting everyone. There is also a VERY slim chance you can skip the whole courtyard fight altogether, but I'm honestly not sure how to do it. I spent 2 hours last night trying to find some way to do it and found nothing. I'd say there's a 20% chance of finding a courtyard skip here compared to the basically 0% chance before.



This spot is the key to the trick working. You use the same strat as the new sandman skip.



Another angle just in case the first pic is too trash.


so i found something like this before, you can skip fighting those guys with a fall plane clip however i tried to walk on a slim out of bounds floor to skip the courtyard and the next area wont load meaning you need to get out of bounds in the courtyard