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Personally, I agree with fast any% being a catagory. Enough people do it that it is competetive enough, and getting the practice codes isn't very difficult, along with the wii being pretty cheap. The only thing I have against it is the possibility of splitting the leaderboards, but putting it as a miscellaneous catagory will most likely stop that.


Fast Any% was added because it has merit (it's a more efficient way to play/practice the game), and a lot of people have expressed interest in wanting to compete in it. We recognize that it's not on the same level as the regular categories, which is why it is a miscellaneous category.

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When do we get All Blue Coins as a misc category? :^)

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Speaking of fast any%, why does it say we have to use nintendont but then it says we have to use the official game disc?


Because Nintendont is the only way to use Gecko codes for Gamecube games on Wii. The disc requirement is so that load times are consistent for everyone.


Fast any%

Huh didn't know you could go fast in a speedrun


Will there ever be a hoverless version of fast any%? I would be interested in doing that.


There probably won't be a leaderboard for it given how few people run the existing hoverless categories (except any%) and fast any%, but you can still run it if you want

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