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Many people have been doing bingo lately and I think it could become a category. It has more a purpose than 20 shines, because you're trying to get 5 goals in a row rather than a random amount of shines. You could just ask for the video footage and the link to the bingo card. I think this could be a really cool idea. =D


Bingo is meant to be a fun activity and not super competitive. This wouldn't really work cause the goal of the category literally changes every time you do it and is completely random. Without a consistent end goal there's no real reason to make this a leaderboard category even if it's a misc. category.


Rivdog, that's only how the default bingo works. There are some upper levels of bingoes that are longer.

And Fireblaze, you make a good point. Unless we can all agree on 1 bingo card, Bingo would not make a very good misc. category.


People would just look for easy bingo cards and run them to get WR. It would just become a longer version of 20 Shines, which by the way is also supposed to be race category instead of something you do runs of.


This is unrealistic and silly.


I think the best idea is to allow Action Replay %. It's a better category because cheato% and cheat% exist.




I thought 20 shine was just a meme category, not a race one. Kappa