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It's been a grim year and a half without a new Any% WR... and the legend himself seems to have disappeared from twitch. Who will stand with me and pledge $10 to #bringbacknindiddeh2019? Send him donations and tell him he's missed; perhaps he will return.

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You can't force someone to come back if they don't want to

Although, your appreciation for nindiddeh is nice 🙂

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I didn't know about the seizures..maybe this isn't such a great idea then. But it would be great to see him run again if his health allowed it


It's not about bringing him back, it's time that someone else becomes the new legend. I mean, in 10 years SMS active top runners will be people that even doesn't play today yet. It's just time to wait this person (or this people) to arrive as the new generation of new SMS runners. Who knows if even someone posting on this thread will be the next WR