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Hi, lately I was trying to find a Homebrew App to play imports, and the first one I tried (and worked) was Nintendont.

I want to speedrun SMS any% and PAL is the best version I can use. For now the only method I got to run PAL on NTSC is Nintendont, However I'm clueless about whether it messes up loading times or not, I want to know this for the sake of any run I submit getting rejected. Is this the case? If so, what other HB App works best for running imports?

Edit:forgot to mention, I do own a PAL SMS copy.

Thanks in advance!


Your runs will get rejected do to being a usb loader


As far as I'm aware, all methods of de-region locking are acceptable, and loading times will be normal as long as you're using a disc.

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Doesn't matter what you run on. If it's a disc and you play on it with the wii disc launcher, it's fine.

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Yeah, I play the retail PAL disc through Nintendont, now I know its not a problem.
Thanks for the answers!