Millniums 3rd place run is played on a modified cart and I have evidence to support this. The freebies at 1:30:05, 1:37:23, 2:28:06 should not have occurred on a legal J rom given the frame data. Further evidence is provided by his incredible luck on late game bosses showing that patterns were modified to provide fast kills on each boss. The purpose of this cheated run was to become a twitch partner exemplified by the fact that he failed to produce any similar quality runs in the future. I ask that this run be removed and millnium be banned from this website and twitch for this poor behavior.

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C Tier shitpost. try again

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having flashbacks to tablecloth 56. Nothing like creating a mysterious new profile to call someone out.



You really got called out for having a good quality capture setup. Props.

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Oh man, I should really look into this. Thanks for bringing it to our attention

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