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I am looking to get, casually, into speedrunning smrpg, just for PBs right now, with any% peach i think its called? Where u need 100 super jumps.

I dont want to invest in a famicon, game, controller, rca capture card, and crt atm,want to wait to see if i stick with it.

I have a wii u, and can run on either wii mode vc, or buy it for wii u vc (already own the former, would have to buy the latter).

Does anyone know if that route is possible on VC? And if theres any additional or less, lag running from wii vc inside of U, or doing it direct from the wii u VC?

If i stick with it for a few months i may buy the stuff to do it right, but for now i jist want to know if its possible with wii vc in the wii u, or the wii u vc.

Thanks in advance!


I just know wii vc (not wii u but I guess it's same) has input lag but it's consistent unlike emulator. I've done 100 super jump run on VC while ago even if I'm familiar with SNES.
In case you're asking glitches too, all of them work on any versions/platforms.