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Hey guys! I'm wondering if it's taboo to use a super controller for a SMRPG run? When I was little I used to get the Super Suit all the time by using a Turbo Controller. Thought I would let you guys know it works if you turn on the turbo for the super jump after about the 12th jump (might be the 10th to 14th jump, it's been over 15 years since doing this on the Super Nintendo). Thought I would contribute, not a Speed Runner myself but I thought you guys would know it works 100% of the time if you just turn on turbo for Y after the 12th jump. At least it worked for me on the US Super Nintendo. Hope this helped!


The any% rules have this: "Basic turbo controller functions are now allowed for text mashing, but not the use of a macro to input super jumps," so it seems that it is against the rules.

The other categories mention that there are "No other restrictions other than the use of cheats/emulator tools" but I can't imagine that Low Level or Beat Culex would allow that either.


Not sure how your controller would allow that to happen, TacoRemix. The game locks out further inputs if you are early on any of the frame windows for super jumps. All research has told us that turbo does not work for super jumps. Would need a video or something to prove that it works. Thanks.

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