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What the hell with the names, realy we are deciding it because of the names?
- Is a moon
- Is in the game
- Is real
- Is not hack
- You only can get it with an scarecrow
- You have a limit time to got it when you throw it
Doesnt matter the name, is a scarecrow timer challenge, and is it
In Any% the people doesnt take just the names that add "any" in the phrase
Come on XD


No that's just one moon difference

I say a timer challenge is a moon that has "timer challenge" in it. They're called timer challenges, and isn't that the point of the run?


So, there wouldn’t be any subcategories other then IL runs?


ok now everything with a timer counts


even notes? the cheat sheet for bingo doesn't count notes as timer challenges, only counts timer challenges that have "timer challenge" in their name, I think that would be better


Well, I just know that for me should be better also with those one
In fine, with more cases to have to do, better, at least for those categories


So, finaly, all the scarecrows, all the ones that are with a limit time, just the ones with "timer challenge" in the name… how?


actually the cheat sheet does count the wooded scarecrow as a timer challenge...


There are 33 timer challenges, according to the game/Toadette.

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