can't think of anything good, so share some ideas for good categories.


Here are some ideas:
All outfits (coins)
All outfits (purple coins)
All songs
(FYI, you could just make sub categories for what versions you want the outfits(coins) for.)


i thought of skeleton% too but it would be just grinding for max coins


All Songs sounds like it might be a decent category imo.


You want to go with the songs?


I'm afraid it might be similar to All Captures/Any%, but it could be nice and unique.


I was thinking all checkpoint flags


All Meme Categories Npg?


You could also do 100% all dlc costumes.


There is an opportunity to play around with the 15% category.

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Maybe you could try some of the category ideas that have been around for a bit and still not been scrapped:
- All Sub Areas (get the 161 moons that can make a difference for what Cappy says if you reenter the area)
- All Sub Areas NPG (get the sub area moons that are available before finishing the game)
- Double% (get twice the Any% amount of moons in each kingdom)
- Peach% (Timing starts when talking to the Toad on the bridge in Mushroom. Get all 15 Peach moons without warping)
- No cap bounces (beat the game without bouncing on Cappy. Less skips)
- Coinless (Beat the game with 0 coins collected. You may create save files during the run)
- Dark(er) Side No Revisits (get the multimoon in the respective kingdom without ever visiting a kingdom twice)
- AUPGM (From a completed NPG file, collect all unique moons that are neither achievements nor in All Moons NPG)
- All Songs does sound like it would work out
- APC NG+ (collect all 1000 purple coins from a started file)

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Yeah, can somebody look into all songs? It sounds fun!


I have a great idea for a new category:
You have to beat the game with the least amount of cappy throws. Two-player mode is banned. It's possible to reach the big door in the church without increasing the cap throw counter. At the end you will have 3 throws because of the door.
But what about captures?
If you stand close to them and throw cappy, it won't count as a cap throw because the animation gets cancelled.
There are other tricks as well that you have to practice in order to do this speedrun.
In this video I explain how this challenge works. I know I got 5 and not 3 cappy throws but I will make an update to that soon. And if you really want to know how you can get 3 instead of 5 cappy throws you can always contact me 😉

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I thought people were working on this category before.


Yo, thanks IwerSonsch for putting that together, I'm excited to see what comes out!

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EverettM on discord made a route for all music (all songs). Also minimum cap throws is a good low% challenge but probably not the best speedrun because if you mess up knocking off the hats of enemies it's a reset. BUT if minimum cap throws is run by multiple people, I think a 0 cap throw run that only uses 2p at the church door would be better (like jumpless does after the 2nd bowser fight). No cap bounces could also make for a fun blind race (I think). The only other thing I would say is that categories like skeleton% and all outfits (coins) would be boring categories, they are just coin grinding. All outfits (purple coins) could be interesting for routing, but probably also a longer, more boring category (imo).


All Purple Coin Outfits would just be APC + buying outfits, so no interesting routing would happen.


All Sub Areas NPG seems interesting to run. I tried to route All Sub Areas but it was a nightmare.