Same rules and stuff as damageless but this time you just can’t die. Seems like damageless is a very tough category, and maybe deathless would be more fun? Be honest if it’s dumb.


In damageless if you die you're run is dead.

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Yeah I think it's a bit too easy and arbitrary for it to have a leaderboard. Most decent speedruns of the main board categories are deathless. Dying is usually slow, so people already tend to avoid it.

The only exceptions are the handful of death warp strats. In Any%, you can death warp back to the Odyssey after collecting the last moon in Lost, but it's actually a bit slower than the deathless strat. In Talkatoo%, runners death warp all the time in Lost to get back to the checkpoint near Talkatoo, but even then, you could just do a normal warp back instead, which is only a tiny bit slower.

I can only really speak on the categories I'm experienced in, but I'm willing to bet that there isn't a single category that would be very different to do deathless.

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