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It has litteraly no changes to the normal Jumpless route


You can just jump with cappy anywhere


Since jumpless was deleted, this would not become a category. Sorry Brian 🙁

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I dont understand why jumpless was deleted.
Probably the mods say "because the last runs was runned 4 monthago and is so inactive and bla bla bla", but dude, I dont understand why the delete the category only because there are no much active.
Is not painfull to have a category that is no as active as others.

Would be so nice to add again the category lol lmao

  [user deleted]

1. dont disrespect the mods
2. The category was basivly dead, so they took it of the boards. They dont wanna have a category that only is being runned once a month or only have 2 active players trying to grind.


Stop making threads if you believe your idea is not good... what's the point, it's clogging peoples notifications up.

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