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Like in a "minimun captures" in "any%".
I be looking in "World Peace" SpeedRuns, and I have the idea.

In "Minimun captures", you need to have the minimun posible captures.
I think that would be a great and a nice idea to do that with "World Peace" or in "All Story Moons".
If I need to choise, I realy prefer to do in "All Story Moons" :v xd .

Sorry, I not have yet the SpeedRun, and I know that is needed to have a proof video, but I have the idea 20 minits in the past, and logic, I not prepare yet.
I say now to know what to the SpeedRuners comunity think about that.

Then I say in a replay how many captures are needed to "World Peace" and to "All Story Moon", ok?
And later I improvise a run, without needed to be perfect :v

  [user deleted]

this was a category before but was removed due to the inactivity. There was on run submitted, only one. So this will propably not make it at all

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LOL that was a category previous? I wasnt know LMAO jaja XD

Aaaand… is not posible to be again in the leaderboard?
Maybe if I do me also a run?
Because can be inactive in a Little time, but I dont look to be a reason to removed. Can always be any day any men to do a run, so better to be in that. And realy, be or not to be so inactive, to be a inactive category is not damagefull for anyone. Realy, you not have a virus in the page of that game CE in because of a inactive category :V :v XD xd .

And, speaking about of removeds categories, I was thinking also to do a run of "Jumpless" before to be removed; and is more, now I have finished, I only would be need to edit.
Is SO FRUSTATING to be removed :C 🙁 WHY!? realy so bad, so-so-so bad... :C 🙁


categories get removed if there is a lack of activity

this lack of activity is normally due to either: an unreasonable goal (too difficult/boring) or not different enough from a main board category (e.g. festival%). if you wanna run the category go for it, but having categories with a single runner just so they can claim record clutters up the page

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This is true, good point
I understand to be removed because of that the world peace minimum captures.

But, finaly, would be going to be submited if there are more runs? Because, for example, there was another run of another men that was have a run.
If the restricción is because of the people that beat the run, how many people need to do the run to be in leaderboard?
To know :v xd, can I say that there are more categories with no much runs(is not because of critique, but for example, 10 captures, tarkatoo% hardcore more and talkatoo% world peace, etc. [categories that I like also in general, so I say angryless :v])

And, by the way, Jumpless was not only 1 run, soooo… I dont understand.
Yeah, maybe I am so stupid to understand all that of rules and all the other, sorry if I am :v xd

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inactivity dosent mean how many runs in total, it means how often a run is submitted. I think soon talkatoo% will be removed too because of the inactivity (not the original but the other subcategories)

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Talkatoo% shouldn't of been a category to begin with but people wanted it.

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think you could have that opinion for any current or removed CE more active than All Purple Coins, including 10 captures

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Okey, so I think that would be not going to be add to the leaderboard again :C 🙁 :v
But be or not to be, I posible will be going to beat the run 🙂

I think that is also posible to beat in 1.3 without 2 players mode with only 14 captures.
The only problem is that I need to practice to moon skip, that I realy never do in all my live xd
I Will be going to play now to prove
Someboy know if is true that can beat in 14 captures like any%? :v xd


Okey... now that I think, realy is true that there are some more captures :v xd
Yeah I am so stupid.

In YouTube, there are so many records of 26 captures, so I dont know if is posible to be less captures that 26 without 2 players mode in 1.3


In 1.3 single player mode, the minimum number of captures required is 25 (the last electrical wire does not actually count as a capture, and the YouTube videos were probably made before we knew that). Another thing is that you can still speedrun a category and be competitive at it even if it is not on the leaderboard. I wanted to run world peace minimum captures a while ago but never got around to it. It would be cool to see some optimization for this category. 🙂

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