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I have recently been informed that postgame categories are much faster when played in tabletop mode(about 2 seconds per odyssey load). I was wondering what you think should be done about this, considering that tabletop is widely believed to be the worst way to experience the switch(let alone recording the run).

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I say do nothing. I record my runs in tabletop using my phone, and if doing that gets banned or something, I would have no way to record my runs.

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So in that labletop is faster? lol, nice
but is not to much 2 seconds per load? wow
So maybe a fast strat should be to change the switch to labletop during the load times, and then try to change it again by the way, if thats faster, or just play in labletop what is also true many people will not like it if is faster
But ban to play in labletop should be just stupid, is just another different way to play


Since tabletop was discovered to be so much faster, I know of a lot of people that have stopped running PG cats. i feel like there should be some distinction.

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"i have been informed" can we get a better source on that? the switch can overclock during loads but only in docked mode which should always make docked faster.

Or do you have a comparative video of some loads?

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@Cursed1701Cursed1701 I remember Ganon telling me. I think it was MrDrPepper who timed it but i may be wrong.

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I think it was timed to be faster, but it doesn't help in any% and the timesave is small. If you want to play in tabletop, then that's fine, it shouldn't be banned or even sub-catted imo. Banning tabletop would be like banning physical (cartridge).

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if tabletop would be banned, Switch Lite Users wouldn´t be able to get on the leaderboards

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I think changing between tabletop and docked during the run is not allowed in some categories tho

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Yeah, in Any% switching between tabletop and docked mode isn't allowed, but idk about other categories.

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