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Can 1.0 be faster in festival%, since there are less loads and all of the clips could possibly make 1.0 faster? someone please test

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I think what "less loads" means is that since the run ends earlier than any%, so the run has less loading screens than any%, meaning that 1.3 saves less time over 1.0 (since fms saves 25 seconds and sand has sphynx clip stuff). However, the time saved by 1.0 specific tricks has decreased with new findings that benefit either only 1.3 or benefit 1.3 more, such as first moon clip (rcc to skip using the chain chomp), dss, which saves more in 1.3 than 1.0, and dsta, which makes the sphynx clip route save less time. I THINK that 1.3 is better than 1.0 for festival%, and it's definitely much more convenient to use and also easier to be optimal with it.

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With the new routes discovered in 1.3.0 , I think that the route for 1.0.0 have to be changed with the new tricks lol
DSS for example should be pretty fast in 1.0.0 to use