What is the time of your run omfg ? Kreygasm


My time for this category was 1:20:54.

here is the video link for proof: (the timer may look slightly off but that is because my Elgato Game Capture delays the game feed slightly)

Also made the final split on the "next" instead of at the axe. If that means anything.


Hello, can you make a catogori, that has the goal of beating all the NWC stages, as fast as possible, i already have a time ^^


I added the NWC category now but I have one more thing, should we require beating the levels in order or let the player choose which order to beat the courses in? For now I added it with the latter rule.


Beat the stages in order please ^^


I've seen some RNG-heavy runs before, but this seems kind of ridiculous. ><

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It's basically a meme, but hey memes are fun.


i fucked up when i tryed to change my record on NWC XD


I feel there should level leaderboards for pre-installed and official levels

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could there be a catigory for the speical course that was in the update? i don't remember the name of the section but you get to it by hitting the toad in the corner. I think that would be a good catigory even as a misk i would do it... even though i suck at mario maker


What I believe both breakdancinggamer and KingHeavy are referring to are having IL leaderboards for the 10 Mario Challenge courses and the Event Courses. I too think this would be cool to have.


no i am not reffering to that, while that is a good idea and i agree with that what i was reffering to was the event courses made by developers although now it does not seem like that good of an idea because they add more of them and will continue to do so but i think that would be for the first ones that were released which is super mario kun to ship love


Well, why couldn't they include all of them?


How bout the speed run that Carl Sagan does where he made a playlist of really hard levels (primarily made by panga) and speedruns em


There needs to be less RNG categories.


You're already manipulating RNG by using skips to your advantage.
The RNG of runs without skips is a lot bigger compared to skipless runs.

Think about playing poker where you'd have to play every hand you get.

For single courses, there are the official time records right now. So I don't think it's required to track them in addition. Although it might be interesting to have ladderboards for some of them.

A run based on a combination of specific custom stages is very tricky, because you'd have to rely on the bookmark-function to make it work in a reasonable way... And this function is not very consistent in general (loading times and latency differ greatly). So you'd have to rely on the sum of time in all stages.

And once you're at that point of adding up times, things will get very messy.

I think additional categories would be nice. But I can't think of any reasonable way of implementing additional runs without there being some problems.


How about AGDQ\SGDQ levels?


Idea: Because there was a whole skips/no skips fight earlier for 100MC, how about there being No Skip categories?