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As announced a while ago, we'll add a layer of scrutiny for emulator submissions. Since most runners have already adopted using speedrun-specific functionality of BGB or Gambatte-Speedrun, nothing changes for those.
If you have not familiarized yourself with that topic yet, feel free to ask in the SML2 Discord or contact me. We're happy to assist you with setting up.

Here is the updated rule text that is binding starting now:


This board is for SML2 only. SML2DX has its own board.

Runs on the practice rom are not eligible for submission, including individual levels.

SGB and 3DSVC: both platforms run the game too fast, so times are converted for the leaderboards.

Emulator submissions: please include which emulator you are using!
As of 2021, the only allowed emulators are BGB and Gambatte(-Speedrun) on their latest versions.

For BGB, activate speedrun mode in the settings and make sure that your submitted run starts from a reset that shows the speedrun mode splashscreen!

For Gambatte, either use Gambatte-Speedrun and make sure that your submitted run starts from a reset that shows the speedrun mode splashscreen

or, if using regular Gambatte, capture the entire emulator window and make sure that your submission starts from a reset!

If you have any questions, reach out to the community before you commit to recording runs!

We reserve the right to reject obvious joke submissions, such as runs that are clearly not speedruns. Please don't waste other people's time!

If you have any questions or remarks, please feel free to bring them up!

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