Any% Glitchless in 26m 27s 600ms by Oh_DeeR - 1st place

Very nice finish! Still beatable.

Specific Platform: SGB2

Played on Super Game Boy 2 [JPN] on

Submitted by Oh_DeeR on

Verified by BeastFrisian on

Name Duration Finished at
Yump 0m 50s 497ms 0m 50s 497ms
444 0m 56s 375ms 1m 46s 872ms
Pipe, Pls! 1m 02s 682ms 2m 49s 555ms
Reset 0m 24s 175ms 3m 13s 731ms
BURT 1m 00s 721ms 4m 14s 452ms
Hold A 0m 53s 641ms 5m 08s 093ms
Apollo 13 0m 54s 855ms 6m 02s 949ms
That Song 2m 39s 381ms 8m 42s 330ms
Odds & Ants 1m 19s 942ms 10m 02s 272ms
Just Survive 1m 09s 881ms 11m 12s 154ms
Rats 0m 58s 529ms 12m 10s 683ms
Stairs, Pls! - -
Pipes, Pls! 1m 56s 936ms 14m 07s 619ms
Spoopy 0m 50s 115ms 14m 57s 735ms
Wiatch 1m 19s 511ms 16m 17s 247ms
Cramps 0m 57s 242ms 17m 14s 489ms
Suboptimarine 1m 28s 384ms 18m 42s 873ms
Octomom 1m 05s 057ms 19m 47s 930ms
Gears Of Awe 0m 57s 144ms 20m 45s 075ms
Balls 0m 48s 770ms 21m 33s 846ms
91 Kills 0m 50s 430ms 22m 24s 276ms
3 Piggies 1m 14s 078ms 23m 38s 355ms
Wario 2m 49s 275ms 26m 27s 630ms