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Hi guys!

First of all, thanks for my times been accepted here.
We , with ShimeGabriel, have a FB community of Super Monaco, and from time to time, we have some championship.

It´s very simple, first, we'll participate on a Race (Germany) on Coloni (Comet) to see what car we'll get. To do this, is like here on SpeedRun, if you don't have Facebook, you can send the video (on the rom we'll send to you) on YouTube till every Sunday at 5 pm.

So if anyone want to take part with the most Super Monaco fanatics on the world, let me know, so I put all rules here.

TA. Marcos is the rom creator, along with me that give all technical and tools possibilities to change colors and recreate real driver's faces.

We'll be very glad with your participation.

Nelson peixemacaco


Hi all and thanks for accepting me here.

Firstly, the idea is simple. We will organize a Group D Championship. Those whom get better qualifying will get the best car of all four, Rial. The next four will go to Zakspeed, then Onyx and finally Coloni, clearly the worst one.
This qualifying race will be the following: Training mode with a Coloni in West Germany. The first two laps is what it counts. Record your video with the help of a suitable emulator. That who takes less time to do the first two laps will get the best car.
1st to 4th will get a Rial.
5th to 8th will get a Zakspeed
9th to 12th will get a Onyx
13th to 16th will get a Coloni

What else?
Yes, the championship will have 10 Grand Prixes already chosen. Videos must be delivered before 8PM (Brasilia time) of every single Sunday starting from the 15th of December until (I guess) 9th of February 2020. That means you have one week to prepare your best result in every GP.

Regarding the rules and details of this championship, please feel free to join our Community on Facebook.

We will use a Romhack with real cars and drivers of the 1989 FIA Formula One Season and I am willing to send you personal roms with YOU as real driver of your car assigned. Your pic and your personal details.

Come up and join this Championship!


Hey, Shime here.

So, a good idea for the championship is creating a Discord SMGP server so everyone can join it. I think some people here (like Emperor and Tenebrae) doesn't use FB + it's more simple to organize the tournaments there, with everyone, instead of trying one on FB.

What's your thoughts about it?


Yep, I'd rather join a Discord server 😛

There's clearly a lot of people interested in speedrunning this game, so why not


Well, we are just waiting for answers like yes or no here.
We need maybe 8 drivers yet.

No need for another channel like Discord to complicate things, as we have this post on Speedrun forums , our Facebook Community and Whatsapp.

It´s quite simple
SpeedRun participants (Yes)
ShimeGabriel ; T.A. Marcos ; Nelson peixemacaco ; K.Yasputin; L.Carlos

SpeedRun participants (?)
tako_pi - ; Bill_Dupond - ; Tenebrae - ; Emperor_of_Finland - ;BrunoMS ; Sagaz - veo - ; edzvision - ;CarlosEstebanLascombs- ;YuuyakeShinobi- ;gameline7- ;FranMC - ;Groudontamer- ;GbrielValdez- ;;MikideArcos- ;MrButthead- ;RacerToni98- ;30MinuteGamer- ;VIVIT-r- ;Ace9921- ;BiggJase - ;MichaelDisley- ;PickHutHG- ;LeightonWilliams- ;Chronologie93- ; TheHelder- ;RenatoRamalho

Hope you all accept the invite.... Let´s do our Super Monaco GP World Cup

Nelson peixemacaco


Hi guys!
I am L.Carlos.
I come here to invite you to participate in the Super Monaco GP championship. We here from Brazil and Spain will be very happy with your participation.


Hi Tenebrae, Emperor of Finland and Bill Dupond,

I have just created a Discord server and have posted the Championship Rules. I will share the files for you there . The next 1st of December, I will send you the rom that we will play and the save state. We will race in Germany with a Coloni in Training Mode. The first two laps is what it counts (Lap 1: XX' XX" XX and Lap 2: XX' XX" XX, Total Time: XX' XX" XX) The result of this will determine the car you will drive in the championship, starting in Spain one week later.

Every topic, every information about the Championship will be conveniently detailed on the following server:


Please feel free to join our community.

If you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.


TA Marcos


Hello TA_Marcos,

I just see this topic.
I tried to join the discord server, however, your link doesn't work.

Maybe it is too late ?


Hi Bill,

The link always expires in one day. I send you this link which is permanent:

You have until Midnight to send your recorded video in West Germany. Please share it here via Youtube.

All the best,

TA Marcos


Great to have you on the championship, Bill!

Allez le vitesse!

Nelson peixemacaco