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Hi! My name's Gabriel, and I'm beginning my first steps as a speedrunner, starting from Super Monaco GP!

Actually, since 2005/2006 in Brazil, on the Orkut social media, a group of people started a SMGP championship, similar to a speedrun (but separated through different GPs). And it has championships yet (Also we are having a championship using only C Class cars.), and a couple of them (including me) started to stream the game. As to me, that is my first step to speedrun the whole game.

But then, let's back to the subject: Glitches.

Some guys in the Brazilian SMGP community found a glitch on the game that consists of passing through the grass without losing too much speed, instead of turning the car on the hard curves (like this one in Spa: )

So, I'm thinking about using it on the WC No-Crash speedrun. Is it okay?

Another thing I was thinking about is a Monaco GP Discord, would it be a good idea?

Anyway, there'll be probably new speedrunners on SMGP and probably ASMGP on the next few weeks, aside from me! I hope they'll enjoy it!


The glitch is ok to use. I haven't seen this one before though 😛

You can make a Discord if there's demand for it. This game seems to be crazy popular in Brazil.

I can also add more moderators if people suddenly start submitting dozens of runs.