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Hello, everyone!

Recently, there was an issue regarding a rejected submission of an user named "KYasputin", and it wasn't specified why. It took a few days, but I'll explain the whole deal.

KYasputin is the owner of the SMGP brazilian community, a group that it's active for more than 15 years, and still have a lot of new players and even runners (such as TA Marcos and peixemacaco). They've been organizing championships, challenges and even romhacks of both SMGP and ASSMGP 2.

But, the community itself has some controversity, and that's what KYasputin comes in.

Back in 2020, I was in charge of organizing a championship to celebrate SMGP's 30th anniversary. The way we do the championship there is by having a prepared savestate for the specific round, with the car we're gonna use, and people do a IGT time attack with their own developed strategies (which could be used for speedrunning, but it's quite hard to replicate perfectly all of them.)

The rules are clear: No cheating, splicing or something to forge your attempt. For that championship, it was sorted which cars would be used for each round, and for the first round (Brazil), the car chosen was Bestowal.

Yasputin did his attempt and uploaded it on Facebook, a 3'19''60. It was a impressive time and a top time for the record. This is the video:

However, there's something really wrong in his video. When he turns his car on certain sharp turns, the car doesn't lose speed at all- instead, it still gain speed. It's more noticeable on turn 2, which is a long turn.

Naturally, each sharp turn you take makes you lose speed, even on a Bestowal, which has the best stats in the case, despite it's low transmission. There was something completely wrong in his submission. Plus, Yasputin had a suspicious past of manipulating and teaming up with some other players to get advantage on the 2017 Championship, which he organized himself.

People suspected, as I did, and his run and participation were suspended to figure out what exactly happened. Searching for some more proof, and we know that some years ago, he tested some cheats on the game ( But the problem is that we couldn't figure it out what exactly he did, since the Game Genie codes doesn't match.

However, as I took him off the championship, he tried to dictate over the championship, and I've not only dropped the championship, but left the community as well.

Almost a year passed, and I've rejected his run because he's still suspicious about his runs on that championship. I've talked with Emperor about the whole situation and he agreed as well, although we still can't figure it out what exactly he did.

Due to that, he did a post on the brazilian community, which he confessed that he used cheats on a previous ASSMGP championship, growing more suspicious that he could use it as well last year.

Proofs are here:

Translation: All my obtained results on the 2019 ASSMGP will be also nullified... Due to use the championship for cheat testing that time.

So, as a conclusion, until he proves that he didn't cheat on that video, all of his submissions will be rejected for the time.

Cheating will be never accepted on this community, nor we will accept cheaters. We always want to have a fair competition inside the leaderboard and improve what this game has to offer. People are still making a lot of efforts such as romhacks and patches, as well as finding new strategies.

Hope you all have a good time and keep practicing!


Adding some more stuffs regarding this subject. I've decided to test my new input display with the previous save/rom that was used for that championship. I've noticed as well that he never tried the grass glitch on the end of the track (something that he said he did on this thread, which wasn't suppose to be open for replies, so that's why it was deleted).

The video can be seen here:

It wasn't clear about the points that I've said where his run is under suspicion. It wasn't on the end of the track, but on most of the turns of the track.

Comparison 1

Shime (w/Input Display):

Comparison 2:

Shime (w/Input Display):

Until more informations, this thread will be done.