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So, yesterday I was chatting with Emperor about some ideas for this speedrun, and we agreed that the full World Championship is something very boring to run, since it's like 2 hours and half doing the same thing, and nothing new despite G.Ceara and getting down to Dardan.

So, I thought on having a new category for this speedrun based on only "beat one season". That could be splitted in 3 categories:

- Crashless
- Any%
- Minarae% (consists of basically finish the game without changing the car. That could apply to the full WC category, but I guess on just one season would be enough)

I think that way people would try to make this one, since it's way more faster to do it than making 2 seasons.

We also talked about ILs (he posted on the forum about it). That would be amazing to compare each time, and since there's some people who run the Super Monaco GP category, it would be something interesting to try out.

I started a thread on the brazilian community so they could help me about some of the glitches, exploits possible in the game that could help on the speedrun somehow, I may post that later when I have enough stuff.


I added some extra categories and you two as mods. Might still move them around at some point.


Hopefully someone submits runs! Empty categories don't look that nice 😉


I'm working on the categories myself and im going to set a baseline for the runs


Something I was thinking about was a 4-speed run, since, on this one specifically, you can beat G.Ceara just once to keep the Madonna on hands. That would be a different pace, but yet slower than 7-speed (and probably will be around 3 hrs).

Or even make a real Any% and use both 4-speed/7-speed on this one which would reduce time a lot (since Madonna is moderately better than Firenze overall).

What are your opinions about it?

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You can switch to 4-speed any time you want between races, it's not an option you have to set before starting the game. The category is already like that and I've already thought about it before 😃

Of course you have to be pretty good at the game to actually pull it off.