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A request should include the ruleset and a link to an existing run.


Warp Abuse

Rules: Beat the Game (through 8-4) Warping to all worlds 1 through 8 at least once without resetting or using Save and Quit.
(The redundancy may be annoying, I wouldn't expect anyone to grind it seriously if accepted).

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All Stars "All" Stars

I'm open for community input on the rules for this one, but this is what I went by:

Collect all starman's in the game. S&Q allowed for switching characters, but not for routing shortcuts (e.g. warping ahead then going back for stars).

I think i got all the stars, if not let me know. i got the ones in, 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 2-2, 3-1, 4-2, 5-2, 6-1, 7-1, 8-2, 8-3, A-2, B-1, C-1, and D-1. Also note i made it a requirement that the level needed to be cleared on same life that star was collected (this resulted in intentional game over from 7-1 checkpoint).


104 s/o

All stages, both characters, small only. That's Warpless D-4, no mushroom, no fire flower, no star. Switch characters and repeat. 104 stage clears in total. The pity mushroom received after 8-4 forces an intentional death in 9-1.

Finer details:
- Timing begins upon pressing start on character selection screen for the first run.
- Timing ends on touching the D-4 axe with second character.
- Character order is runner's choice.
- Must begin each attempt from an empty "new" file.
- Collecting powerup mushrooms, fireflowers, or stars is forbidden.
- The game gives you an "unavoidable" powerup after completing 8-4. This means you must take a death (not a just a damage boost), in 9-1 (or S&Q and return to 9-1). If someone is able to find a way to avoid getting this powerup, this rule will be examined in more detail.
- In the event of an unintentional powerup collected, the runner must restart the stage from the beginning and complete it with this ruleset.(In most cases, an intentional death will do the trick. If you spawn from the checkpoint, however, the runner may decide whether it's better to save and quit and return, or to get a game over, in order to start from the beginning of the level).
- Must be completed on the same power/reset cycle. - The period between runs, for example, you must wait for the "Quit" and "Save and Quit" dialogue box to appear at the end of D-4, and select one of those options... no resetting on the axe.


240 Fireworks

Collect six fireworks on every flagpole stage in the game. If you fail to get six fireworks in any stage, you must repeat the the stage (since game overs won't take you to the beginning of the world on SMAS, S&Q may be required).

S&Q is permitted
Switching characters is permitted

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Beat the game (through 8-4) without collecting any coins at any point in the run.

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All Swimming Sections (excluding world 9)

If the time indexed link does not work, the run begins at around 45 seconds.

This one is probably the most arbitrary. I found All Swimming Sections (including world 9) a very boring category, with only tiny minor deviations to a regular warpless run. Removing the world nine requirement made it a bit more interesting, using warps that you don't use in the traditional SNES categories (warps to 3, 6, and B ). I wasn't sure how to handle the 8-1 swimming section, since completing that leads you to a backwards warp to world 5. My solution was to take an intentional death on the plant immediately after completing the swimming section, then beat 8-1 as normal.

I'm opposed to S&Q in this category, as it would just be any any% run with S&Q's back to the swimming sections that were skipped, although if the community feels that is more exciting, I'm open to the possibility. I'd just be disappointed the warps I mentioned would be irrelevant in that scenario.


I really like:
Warp Abuse (or All Warps, No S+Q)
240 Fireworks <- Love this!
1 Warp <- Yes!
104 s/o (or All Stages, Both Characters, Small Only)

Not a fan:
All-Stars All Stars
All Water Areas, No W9 <- worked well in SMB1, but not this game. Too many issues

I would recommend:
All Coin Heavens (SFC) <- This is a thing! I have a time, but no video currently. It does require 8-4 warpless, but does not beat d-4 or require warpless in letter worlds. I would not want it to be No W9.



Crash the game. Time ends when the screen goes black.

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8-4 IL

Rules: Time starts on the timer appearing and ends on hitting the axe. A savestate before the start of timing can be used.
You must be small.

Submissions must allow getting a precise framecount!

On emulator you can show the framecounter of the emulator or record a movie (input or avi) and include that file in your submission.

Note: I don't know how would mods calculate the time on a console. 😕

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10 Walljumps(Mario)

10 Walljumps(Luigi)

Must be actual walljumps. Jumping inside a wall and hitting the block directly above you does not count as a walljump. Cramming yourself between a wall and the edge of the screen and jumping from there also does not count as a walljump.


Unsure if this is too similar to Any% D-4 (technically it is a subset), but Any% D-4 No S+Q could be a fun category to have on here.

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Title: Beat 4-4

Player: Me (Mars02)

Rules: Complete the game from levels 1-1 through 4-4 (with warps!) as fast as you can. Timing starts when the player can play as either character and ends when the character touches the axe at the end of 4-4.

Extra Info.: The category can also be called 'Any% 4-4' it's up to the mods.


All Poison Mushrooms

Beat the game having collected each poison mushroom at least once. "Collecting" a poison mushroom is counted by making it disappear by touching it (dying, taking damage, running over it with star-power or i-frames are all acceptable methods).

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I know no one has responded in a millenium, but I feel this category is necessary.

Name: Warpless 9-4

Rules: Beat every level starting from 1-1 to 9-4. Timing starts when the player can take control of Mario (or Luigi). And ends when the flagpole is grabbed in 9-4. The player can play on either the FDS version or the SNES version, it's their choice.


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i know it's already been mentioned but I would like an 8-4 il category. darG and kosmic have already made videos on this category and I think it would be a good one to run.

Timing starts when 400 appears on the top right of the screen and ends the frame all sprites disappear when touching the axe. A savestate may be used before the start of 8-4. You must be small.
Submissions must allow getting a precise frame count. You are allowed to use the pellsson rom for this category.

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D-4 IL
Runners: me

Timer starts when 400 appears and finishes when you touch the axe.
Must be small, can use savestate to d-4/pellsson rom
Ill post a video in a few days if i have time
Update: here's a video


I don't have a run yet 'cause DJ just found the code, but YUSXNLAA could be fun. It's basically the 2J version of AISSON.
Rule set would be the exacty same as the AISSON one in SMB1.
I'll probably do a random fast playthrough or something as video, updates later.