I did some testing between Wii/Wii u VC and noticed Wii U version runs slightly faster. I started timing both versions when the timer appears in top right corner and stopped on time up (the frame marios death animation starts).

For Wii U, i used AverMedia's Recentral and captured/recorded at 60fps. The result was:
9634 frames / 60 = 2:40.5666666666667 (160.5666666666667 seconds)

For Wii, i used VirtualDub and captured/recorded at 59.824fps. The result was:
9625 frames / 59.824 = 2:40.8886065792993 (160.8886065792993 seconds)

With BizHawk emulator the result is:
9625 frames / 60.098814 = 2:40.1529108378079 (160.1529108378079 seconds)

Calculating (inconsistent) fps:
59.824 ¤ 160.8886065792993 / 160.5666666666667 = 59.94394851567365
60.098814 ¤ 160.1529108378079 / 160.5666666666667 = 59.94394851567365

After those tests i wanted to time Wii U again but captured/recorded at 59.94 fps. For some reason VirtualDub didn't allow me to change the fps with AverMedia GC550, however i was able to do that with OBS Multiplatform 0.12.3. The result was:
9625 frames / 59.94 = 2:40.5772439105772 (160.5772439105772 seconds)
When this is adjusted for NES, the time matches with BizHawk:
160.5772439105772 ¤ 59.94 / 60.098814 = 160.1529108378078

So based on this information Wii U VC seems to run at ~59.94 fps. I hope someone can confirm this. Should Wii U times be multiplied by 59.94/60.098814? Thanks 🙂

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A while back, I was provided with footage of Super Mario World on Wii U VC and Wii VC, compared the frame rates and ended up with the same answer. I was doing simple calculations and just assumed I was probably just getting the frame rate that the footage was recorded at. It's nice to see that you delved deeper into the calculations and got 59.94 fps as well. Thanks for the information!

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I finally got VirtualDub working with the Avermedia card (except some audio desync issues but can be fixed), so i wanted to provide a sample recording which beats the game using warps: http://www.filedropper.com/yuahq