Does anyone have a video of an explanation of the warp in 5-2? I can see that it is similar to the set up needed for 4-2 in SMB Any% but I am unsure as to how many "bumps" are needed and what are the inputs needed for Mario to warp into the pipe.

I would be grateful for any help. Thanks!


Hello there faulteroyy, I am unsure if there is a 5-2 wrong warp tutorial video, but on this one is actually possible to get the wrong warp without any bumps if you are really good. This is the fastest and also harder way of doing it. The easier ways may have 1 or even 2 bumps (In my case I learned with just 1 bump because it was easier and worked out better for me,its also the common way of doing it) I reccomend watching my pb to see or other video with the same setup to where the bumps are made. If you rather learn the setup with no bumps, check darbian's run.
As for the inputs, while mario facing left, jump the right amount and hold down, he will clip and enter the pipe. You can also mash A as it makes it more easier to enter the pipe too


What Rodrigo said and you should hold left while mashing A.


I've gotten it a couple of times now but not even close to be consistent.

Thanks for the help.