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Regarding Cheating on the SMB1/2J Leaderboards:

In the past, we have dealt with cheating on a case-by-case basis.

Going forward, we would like to establish more clear guidelines on how the moderation team will be handling ill-intended submissions to the Super Mario Bros./Lost Levels leaderboards. These include the category extension boards as well.

First offenses will result in a one-month ban from submitting to the leaderboards from the date cheating is discovered. During this time, an audit of runs previously submitted by the offending user will take place.

Upon learning of previous cheating attempts, or if the user is caught cheating after the temporary ban, the user will be permanently banned from submission to these leaderboards. It is in your best interest to admit to any cheating done previously to potentially avoid a permanent ban.

Attempting to circumvent the temporary ban with a new account will also result in a permanent ban.

We understand that people can change over time and will offer users a chance to appeal one year after a permanent ban is put in place. An appeal does not guarantee an unban.

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Will this go for SMB1 and it's CE leaderboard too?


There is a corresponding thread on the forums for SMB1 as well.