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I just got Lost Levels and downloaded the ROM for it. I looked at 2 different websites and both gave me a ROM that works, but both had no title on the title screen (It didn't have the box saying SMB2). It was simply gone and you could see the sky behind it. This just bothers me. Does anyone know why this is happening? I'm using NESTopia BTW.


Don't use a .nes Lost Levels file because they all suck. Look for a .fds file instead, since the game is a famicom disk system game. You'll also need an FDS BIOS ROM to run the .fds file.

To load the FDS BIOS file, download one and in Nestopia go to Machine > External > Disk System > Options
Then load the Lost Levels .fds file and it should work properly


I have a ROM just like that!


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