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Admittedly the NES and SNES versions of this game do run pretty differently, but I am a huge fan of having everything in the same place. I echo i_o_l’s statements in the other thread in that it makes sense to have all lost levels runs on the lost levels leaderbords. I don’t think anyone I know who’s serious about this game would consider themselves more of an all-stars runner rather than a lost levels runner.

The initial plan of having any% and warpless as subcategories in the all-stars leaderboard doesn’t make too much sense anyway since Mario and Luigi feature very different strategies and using extra variables on the same leaderboards (like for console version in the current SMB3 leaderboards) would detract from the significant differences. If you were to separate everything else and maker subcategories for luigi, mario, warpless, any% etc., you are just making it confusing again and not solving the issues this idea was originally meant to solve.

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While I do admire critical thinking, I don't see any non-semantical reasons to transplant 9 of the 17 categories of this game to a separate leaderbaord.


Yeah, I think that the original version and the SNES versions should have different leaderboards.