I'm wondering whether framerules exist in The Lost Levels. No matter how I play 1-1, I never have to wait 0.35 seconds more to get to the next level.


Are you talking about SNES? The framerule in the SNES version applies on titlescreen + 1-1 in its entirety and also after taking a warp or continuing after 8-4 the framerule doesn't apply.

titlescreen + 1-1
1-2 warp + 4-1
5-2 warp + 8-1
8-4 + 9+1
all share a framerule together.

For titlescreen + 1-1 this means you can try adjusting when you press Start to save a bit of time over starting randomly, if you play consistently enough, but for most players it doesn't matter and they just land at some random point in the framerule depending on when they pressed Start.

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Oh, sorry. I'm talking about the FDS verison.


It's never Godin to be exactly 0.35s wait unless you end up right on the edge of a framerule.


KingOf_JonnyBoy, let's just say the Framerule for now since I learned something from your post.


Sure. But for the original question, yes, they do exist exactly the same as SMB1 on FDS.


Alright, it might just be the ROM I'm using. After all, the Title Screen doesn't show the board that says "Super Mario Bros. 2".


That's a good sign you have a ROM that isn't legit if that's not showing. You need the .fds ROM not a .nes one by the way.