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This game and its version differences are great, aren't they...
I have some ideas for this game's leaderboard due to this difference 😛

for the SNES/FDS difference: have both versions on the same leaderboard ¤or¤ Split the two into their own games (since the All Stars version has some categories exclusive to it like "D-4 Warpless" "D-4 Any%" for example)

For Mario/Luigi... same leaderboard, but must clarify which character used before submitting? or let each character have its own leaderboard (like any% mario/any% luigi).

If all of these were to be combined onto one leaderboard, have an option to filter what you want to see (certain character, certain platform, like how ZSR has theirs set up)

I thought I'd bring this up because of the version difference+character difference can possibly make for a cluttered leaderboard (i.e., the pbtracker leaderboard)

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It's a good idea I think.

But it sounds like that mainly any% 8-4 and any% D-4 need to be added to snes misc categories to fix this problem.