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Do a backwards full jump from somewhere around here:

Then do a brief slowdown, jump and then hold right again quickly.

Then do a backwards full jump from somewhere around here:

And then you should bop the koopa at the right time there, since Mario's hitbox will collide with the koopas hitbox while Mario is falling. Then jump over the last koopa and GG. It doesn't seem to be hard for me, and it saves some time so, go give it a try and share your thoughts about it!

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TBH It would be kinda hard to hit the koopa in the spot where it's about to fall off, especially since the red koopas don't fall off what ever platform they're on.

Also, GTAce is working on a new strat, which may be just as hard, and maybe quicker.

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I am pretty sure it's possible to jump on the 2nd koopa and reach the flag without slowdown there, but I always get All-Stars mixed up with this.


Does it line up the same without the spring jump though? Also hey, I hope you're doing well i_o_l (what do you prefer being called these days?).