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Will the Switch Online version of this game be allowed?


I can only assume the mods will test it out and let us know.
In my opinion, it will be much like the nes classic for gameplay.
No wrong warps 🙁


I tested it out this morning, and you can do the wrong warp with it.


Sorry for the lack of replies to the thread, so far we have no idea about the accuracy of that version regarding the LBs. i think it will probably be fine for no WW, warpless and 100% at least (but that's a personal opinion) but it's hard to say at this point for any%. It might end up banned like VC and all for that category if it doesn't handle memory stuff similarly to the NES (given that the normal setups seem to work, it might be an accurate enough emulation though).

Basically it still needs testing. If you're planning on being in the LB, i'd recommend not going hard at it for any% at least (and instead use one of the already accepted platforms). For other categories, it'll prolly be fine (haven't personally looked into it but given what i read/heard).