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Watching people go for 4:55 in SMB1 has got me curious. I know the record has bad RNG and a mistake in 8-2, but how much time did that lose? And are there any strats known to be humanly viable that haven't been pulled off in runs yet?

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RNG in w1: ~+1.5s
RNG in 8-tank: +undetermined (maybe around 0.5s compared to best RNG? but kind of a wild guess, never timed that precisely)
mistake in 8-2: ~+1s

As far as strats go, humanly viable is often hard to define for a game like smb3:

In world 1: there's a faster route (excluding 1-2 slide) with a leaf grab in 1-3 that can save up to 0.4s (but is way WAY harder to pull off or save any time with). Also as mentioned 1-2 can be done faster than pspeed with slide jumping and perfect + lucky inputs in every direction (the TAS strat) but gl with that RTA. I used that strat as a backup when I was not getting pspeed and almost never saved time with it.

In world 8: 8-1 and 8-f in my PB are definitely good enough for what I was going for but they can both be done a bit tighter, 8-1 in particular. The fort was very good, just didn't use the treadmill pspeed strat (which pretty much only saves time if you keep pspeed flawlessly through the door, and not as much as people think).

In BC it's theoretically possible to get pspeed in the statue room even with the TAS route, but good fucking luck with that RTA. Also, Bowser can be one cycled but nobody's ever pulled that off in any run of any category (been done in practice but you need a specific RNG, you need some really REALLY nice fireballs, and you need to commit to it). Basically BC in my PB is pretty much as good as it's gonna get (can always save a bit of time on Bowser with an even better kill obv but mine was good).

All in all, with current strats, a high 10:41 would probably be the holy grail (but to be clear, if the two games can even be compared, that would be way beyond getting a high 4:55 time in SMB1 in terms of difficulty). Like you'd need perfect RNG to begin with and to give you an idea, in my entire no WW grind, I've never seen 4 movements of 1 in w1 and 0 hand at the same time (so i'm not even including the boom bro RNG on top of that). Not. A. Single. Time.

Meanwhile if we did a theory TAS with absolutely everything that is "humanly possible" (which is a very very loose concept here), I suspect it would be around 10:37 or something ridiculous like that.

And to throw a last number: during my grind, the best possible time I was expecting to get was a mid 10:42. And that would have been the fluke of the decade already.

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I'm going to bump this to fill in with some more information. At the time of this post, the current world record is held by MitchFlowerPower with 10:44.

Mitch may incorporate autoscroller clips into future attempts of this category. He's allegedly been having solid success with the autoscroller clip on 8-T. There are 3 possible places to do autoscroller clips, but the one in 8-T2 is not RTA viable. There is also a setup for an 8-Navy autoscroller clip that Kirua gave me a link for:

Each clip saves about 40 frames if done perfectly. I don't know if that was factored into the theoretical theory TAS time, but it was never specifically mentioned.

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