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hi guys, i just try to down my 3:57 PB, i use this easy way:

but when i try another way, always crash like this:

how many setups are? any help with my fail or any tuto to "pro" set up? thanks guys!


You're going at the last shell seemingly randomly with your tail whips. The movement to the koopa from the pipe and then the two tail whips are a bit precise, you can't just hit it at any timing and expect to get the good value, unless you get lucky. I suggest trying to copy what successful runs with this setup do.

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Just use the backup at the last koopa. Take him into the glitch pipe with you

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Thanks @Kirua, is to hard but i will try that…

@CuBored the rest of the all setup is the same?


yep, just the last koopa is different, you have to do stuff with him before hitting the note block, but i cant remember what exactly you do, if you can find a way to contact tavenwebb2002 on twitch wld prob be best, he helped me out with it a lot


yes, finally got it (but still no in a run), the last jump on the invisible floor to hard and depent to much to high to get the perfect pixel for the last Koopa wake up
but thanks to all of you guys 🙂