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Hello there! Being as I was finally able to snag one of these, I thought that I might, in the near-to-moderate future, do some speedruns of one of my favourite childhood games. How is this version for speedruns? I don't have any illusions of contending for WR, so if it loads a frame or two slower than original hardware, I don't really mind that. I'd probably start with any% NWW, which is glitchless (right?) but I would probably do runs of the longer categories at some point, too. Are all the clips and stuff still doable on this version? Dunno why they wouldn't be, but I'd still like to ask, plus any general info you might be willing to share. Thanks 🙂

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NESClassic is fine for any% no WW, any% warpless and 100%, and yes the clips are still doable.

It's banned for any% though.

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How does it stack up technically? Just because I don't mind if it loads a frame slower doesn't mean I'm not still interested to know 😛 And thank you for the answer.


I'm also interested in the technical aspect regarding timing (and kind the difficulty of clips vs old versions).


Plz don't necro. Some people don't like it, just saying. 🙂


if you wanna play any% you can install retroarch on the nes classic