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In 1-2 on my rom of smb3 when doing a run at the start you run up those 2 hills then you drop from the pipe that dispenses goombas and bounce off the goomba already there then you use that to boost up over the next pipe tower thingy however in all the emulators ive tried whenever i drop in an attempt to stomp the goomba I hit the ground too early and it just barely kills me is this the emulators fault or am I doing something wrong?


the problem is not the emulator you use but the rom you use, which is PAL (runs at 50hz instead of 60 so the game is slower. but in the case of smb3 the jumps (& drops in this case) are shorter as a side effect)

you wanna play on NTSC (US)

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@Kirua Thank you smb3 god i respect your skill in this game