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How does wall clipping work? Do you need P-Speed to do it or can you run normally? [Well aside from easy clips like the bowsers castle 1-up clip].

How do you maintain P-Speed through pipes? I have a vague idea of how this works, but I'm not certain of the process.

What are some other general skills and tricks that are useful for runs in smb3?


Sometimes despite doing everything right sub-pixels will ruin stuff. Clips like in 7-9 I would suggest jumping as high as possible in the pipe. I'm not sure about the P speed stuff though, so, sorry. Hopefully this was a bit helpful. Cheers.


I would actually also suggest in clips like 7-9 to jump pretty late (later than you think.)


Clips can happen when you jump into a corner in such a way that your pixel and subpixel values are high enough for the game to push you to the right instead of the left. All you have to do it jump at the corner, and if you hit the right pixel you have about a 50/50 chance of getting the clip. P speed can make this easier, but it's not necessary. 7-1 clip doesn't use P speed, for example.

To keep P speed after exiting a pipe, you have to enter the pipe "cleanly". For vertical pipes hanging from above, you just have to jump into the pipe with P speed. For vertical pipes coming out of the ground, you have to jump onto the pipe with P speed and hold down to enter as soon as you land on the pipe without taking a step on top. For horizontal pipes on the ground, you have to jump into the pipe rather than running into it. If you entered the pipe cleanly, you will have plenty of time to react and jump off of the pipe to keep P speed. In some cases (for example, the pipes in 5-Tower) it helps to take a step before jumping off of the exit pipe.

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