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I worked out another way of wrong warping to the princess' chamber (kind of).
I'm wondering if it would be considered acceptable in an actual speedrun.

With this method you write the instruction JMP $8FE3 with koopa shells instead of JSR $8FE3.
The final cutscene plays out mostly normally but after the curtain is lowered and raised again the screen just stays black while music plays.
The game technically doesn't crash but it does softlock in the end.
By my reading of the rules this would seem to be allowed.


Yes because mario does apear in the chamber. the softlock that would be not alowed is if you could see peach then softlocked without seeing him


Are you able to start a new game plus? with p wings in your inventory?


No, since you aren't able return to the start screen.


My latest run used this method and it got verified so I guess it's acceptable.