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I want to start running but i only have FCEUX, will the run be valid? And why is there two emulators that are banned? (Sorry if my english isn't perfect lol)

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@Lestaku-senpaiLestaku-senpai if emulators are allowed, I think that yes lol lmao , if there is no restriction that mean that cant be used, you´re free

Ps: dont worry about the english, me exactly the same jaja (i am spanish lol)
Je me not well parling francaise et english xd

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Yes, FCEUX is one of the accepted emulators. Some of the other emulators are banned because they do not emulate accurately, such as with how they handle lag and memory.

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I do presume turbo inputs aren't allowed either? Since there's that in FCEUX lmao

Thanks for the answers 🙂


Turbo isn't permitted (along with most speedgames).