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So, this wall clip method only requires timing with clip inputs... kind of. Because you can still mess up the timing a bit and still get the clip. Just pray for good subpixels!

3 different approaches, same clip inputs. Instead of doing a full jump, I just do a flick to catch the walljump pixel as shown in the vid. It's the same idea of the other clip above, but this one has a way smaller leeway to perform the inputs.

I don't know why but holding down mid air on both clips makes things easier for me... Maybe because I can focus better at the rest of the timing.

Just see how and where I perform the inputs, then try for yourself. Share your thoughts about them!

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There exists a subpixel manipulation to set up 7-1. After you kill Lemmy (world 6 airship), there is some time before the wand grab. Position yourself under the wand and come to a stop. Tap right as briefly as possible. If Mario does not move right a pixel, keep pressing single frame inputs to the right. If Mario moves a pixel, stop and wait for wand. When Mario doesn't move, the subpixel is incrementing higher. We want a low subpixel value though, so when he does move the single pixel, this means the subpixel is very low with only whatever remainder is left after incrementing Mario's x position.

Noted here: https:/​/​narfman0.​github.​io/​angry-sun/​pages/​notes.​html#7-1-subpixel-manipulation fwiw

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