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Hello! I was hoping to PM Kirua but I cant find a way 🙁

I Submitted a run of SMB3 on my old NES that isn't loading sprites correctly.
The game plays completely normal just some extra visual effects.
I was hoping for a little more detail on why it was declined.
I did not mean to be inappropriate and can fix the Nintendo if needed but was hoping to keep it.

You're an amazing runner and Mod and id love to hear from you!


Ah sorry I didn't bother giving a detailed explanation in the rejection comment because I genuinely thought you were just submitting as a joke (particularly considering it wasn't even a PB).

Basically when submitting runs, the gameplay should be clearly visible at all times (which isn't really the case here, far from it). Additionally, we wouldn't accept runs with cosmetic mods for example. And although this isn't such a mod, the end result is the same. So yeah in short the game should look like the actual game.


Awesome! Thank You for the quick response!

I had a feeling it wouldn't be allowed, but when I got 2 seconds from my PB, I figured I'd better check!
Clear game-play makes sense especially if the moderators have to check if I tampered with any of the levels, or run in general.
In the end, I prefer the quick verification times rather than having you waste extra time decoding runs like this. SORRY! 🙂

I hope you got a laugh out of it though. I'm probably going to buy a 2nd NES to run on and keep this party trick. Until then, FCEUX!

Thanks Again!

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