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Is the SMB3 Wrong Warp possible on the NES Classic? I've been trying since I got it, but I haven't been able to do it. I might be doing something wrong, but I'm not sure.


Right. This was already asked about in another thread. Kirua had said in that thread that the wrong warp had yet to be properly tested on an NES Classic. See, platforms such as VC work differently than the original NES version does - you simply can't do the wrong warp on VC or Bizhawk, as I recall, because their coding works differently than the original NES, so even if your setup is perfect, you still won't get the wrong warp. So it's very possible that, as with the previous examples, the wrong warp simply doesn't work on the mini. I haven't heard of any of the board's higher-ups thoroughly testing it, however, so I don't know anything definitive - I'd say it'd be best if Kirua, Tompa, or someone similar came in and gave a better explanation and/or tested the wrong-warp so you could be provided a more concise and accurate answer.


Just to be clear about Bizhawk, it has multiple cores. One of them is pretty much perfect and the best emu you can use for NES, but one of the cores (and i don't know the specifics because i'm not anywhere near knowledgeable about all that) allowed for different setups to work in the same way as VC did (although i don't remember if "normal" setups would also work, i don't think they would though). Which is why Bizhawk was banned despite being such a good emulator otherwise.

About the mini, i wouldn't be surprised if the WW wasn't working on it with the setup(s) that are normally used but still haven't tested it (because i don't have the means to test it). If anybody wanna put in the work so we know more about it, it's more than welcome.


@AceOfArrows: The wrong warp does work on VC, it his banned because they are to many ways to do the Wrong warp on VC, while on a NES trying an alternative weird way would guarantee a crash, however the thing I don't understand why banned it, if all the alternative method that works on VC, are just slower, than the main 2 method in the real NES, the Main 2 method does work on Virtual console. NES mini classic edition, his banned because Wrong warp glitch does not work at all.


@Supernickid Basically the idea is that we use original releases on the NES to define what the norm/ruleset for the categories are. What it means is that anything that wouldn't be possible on NES in terms of glitches and all is banned. For 100%, warpless and any% no WW, versions like VC are perfectly fine because the differences don't actually affect what goes on in these runs to an extent that makes a difference. For any%, as you know and mentioned, some VC exclusive setups are possible. So now to answer your question and emphasize the point: VC isn't banned because some faster setups are possible (some might exist but we don't really know right now), just that it's working too differently for this category. Faster or slower isn't really relevant, it's just too different for the purpose of any%.

(I think that was probably clear to you already but in case you or someone else was still wondering)

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@Kirua: What about the Nintendo Switch online NES app, The first time it got release, the first thing I thought to try was the Wrong Warp in Super Mario Bros.3 and it does work, sometimes it does crash, but most of the time it works fine, and if it does crash, it says an error withing the game as occurs. I don't know if it will also get banned or not from that categories.


We're still trying to figure out a couple of things about that version. Hopefully we'll make an announcement about it soonish.