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Hi everyone. I'm new to speedrunning, so please excuse me if these are dumb questions. From what I understand, each game community may have different rules; so I want to make sure I'm doing things right.

Would it be considered acceptable to submit runs done with FCEUmm libretro core? FCEUmm should have no difference vs FCEUX for SMB3 (it's based on the same code, but adds some extra mappers for weird/homebrew carts). I would use FCEUX, but it seems to have issues with controllers on Linux (and I don't want to run Windows). Libretro is much nicer anyway.

Is live streaming required for submitting SMB3 any% runs?

What is required in the recording/stream? Just the game? Facecam? Timer? Controller input display?

Thanks, and apologies again if these are dumb questions.


I have to say I don't have any knowledge about this specific emulator/core. Maybe there's informations on tasvideos, or hopefully someone else will know.

About the rest: streaming is not required but depending on your claim (like if you're gonna submit a top time) we can ask for additional evidence of the grind you did, stuff like that. So typically if you're only recording locally and are going for a top time, keep your recordings. Streaming is obviously a plus in that regard.

The main and only thing in the recording is to be able to see the entire gameplay clearly and uninterrupted. With sound preferably. Again a run without sound might or might not be rejected depending on the claim.

Facecam is irrelevant.
Input display is highly preferred if you're on emulator.
A timer is not required but it helps us a lot for verification & retiming purposes so if you can include one, that's good.


Thanks Kirua! I'll give it a go and record some attempts. I doubt I'll ever be near the top. I don't have the dedication to put in that much work. I did manage to get one time (unrecorded) that would have just barely put me on the board though.