A separate leaderboard for SNES Version
6 years ago

Hey there, I was just wondering why SMB3 is the only game on All-Stars that doesn't have its own LB like smb1, ll and smb2. Thanks!


The physics, glitches (except wrong warps) and almost every stage are identical. The (almost) only difference that matters for speedrunning is in loading times, so we thought it was better to keep everything in the same LB and treat it as different versions (you can filter by platform and all if you want). Like typically, you wouldn't have a LB for each language version of a game. I think smb1 and smb2 have relatively big gameplay differences in all-stars that led to the creation of a different LB.

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Colorado, USA

I've always wondered why SMAS gets whored out to all the different boards instead of having its own page. It is its own game.

Portland, OR, USA

It does have its own page but we do all of the games together.


Personally, I would have put the individual AS games on All-Stars page in Misc. categories, but I guess people prefer it the way it is right now.

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